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We would like to proudly announce that Florida Movement Therapy Centers has re-opened and is currently seeing patients. We have implemented several new policies and guidelines for our patients and employees. We treat the safety of individuals in our centers with the highest-level of importance and these policies are in place to keep everyone safe and healthy. These are a few of the policies are being taken in each of our four locations.

  • Patients are surveyed on travel and symptoms prior to their visit
  • Temperatures are taken before treatment
  • Increased the number of hand sanitizer stations
  • All employees and patients must wear masks
  • Policies implemented for spacing between patients and therapists
  • Front desk and administrative procedures to keep pens and other office equipment sanitized
  • Spacing increased between patients in front lobby. Care partners will remain in their vehicles. Fall risk patients will be assisted by therapists to and from vehicles.
  • We will be cleaning the entire facility every hour with high-quality cleaning materials. Kills over 99.99% of virus and bacteria including Covid-19.
  • We have minimized face-to-face interactions between employees and implemented virtual meetings for management


Why Are We Different?

Florida Movement Therapy Centers is recognized as South Florida’s leading provider of physical, occupational, speech and cognitive therapies specializing in neurological disorders. What started as an idea at the dining room table with only one patient, is now home to more than 40 professionals creating revolutionary results for its hundreds of patients from around the world. FLMTC offers an unchallenged approach to physical, occupational and speech therapies. By utilizing neuro performance devices and multiple programs including, boxing, heavy ropes and functional based activities, the fully licensed therapy staff works on strength, coordination and balance. All therapy plans focus on outcomes that help each individual achieve personal goals in order to enjoy an active and independent lifestyle.

Move Better. Think Better. Be Better

Boxing Therapy
January 01, 1970
Florida Movement Therapy Centers

Intensity, Emotion, Cognition, Focus – four major ingredients to a recipe for success. Boxing therapy integrates all of these components creating an intense, high-energy workout that improves balance, coordination and daily function. Florida Movement Therapy Centers is a proud affiliate of Rock Steady Boxing.

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Neuro Performance
January 01, 1970
Florida Movement Therapy Centers

Specialized equipment designed to stimulate and reprogram the patient’s brain using repetitive, coordinated movements. These devices allow the patients to perform reciprocal and harmonized movements necessary for walking and daily activities.

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January 01, 1970
Florida Movement Therapy Centers

Florida Movement Therapy Centers offers a variety of group exercise classes ranging from Pound Out Parkinson’s to Ballroom Dance to Rock Steady Boxing. All classes were devised to improve coordination, balance, strength, and mobility.

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