Ed L.

“I have been going to Florida Movement Therapy Centers for two years, two days a week for boxing and physical training. Every instructor who works with me is very knowledgeable and personable. They all know their clients very well. The office staff is always very helpful and addresses all needs of the client. I would highly recommend Florida Movement!”

-- Ed L.

Miguel M.

“Thanks to your tenacity and creativity and that of your colleagues, I was able to get my therapy session squeezed in this past week. You folks are a fantastic group, making adjustments to accommodate patients when needed. Actually you should be the ones considered “patient”. You are all much appreciated. Thank You.”

-- Miguel M.

J.M., West Palm Beach, FL

“In the two months I’ve been going to FLMTC, I can see a difference in not only my physical condition, but also in my emotional/mental condition as well. Over the course of six years I have gone to three different PT centers for my rare neurological condition. I was never challenged at these places and I was treated like any other patients there – whether they were there for orthopedic conditions, injuries or neurological conditions. I did the same exercises every time I went. I was so frustrated because my walking and balance were continuing to decline. I was treated like a number and not an individual.

When I read the Palm Beach Post’s article on FLMTC about how they used boxing for Parkinson’s patients, I thought I had to go to this center. It stated that they think outside the box, and boy do they ever!

Every time I go to therapy, I get different exercises to do. I am treated with the utmost respect and each therapist is there to truly help me. They make sure I’m safe from falling, explain and show each exercise to me, so I know what muscles are working. They have so many different machines and apparatus’ for individuals to work on their specific needs.

I truly look forward to going to PT, so I can learn new exercises I can work on at home. The therapists at FLMTC have changed my mental/emotional part of me because they have given me HOPE. I truly believe if I continue with them, I won’t just stay the same, but I can actually improve my walking and balance while strengthening my legs.

If you or a loved one has a neurological condition, FLMTC is the place to rehab. You will get the best care out there. They are progressive, caring and extremely knowledgeable in their field. There’s no other place like them. I am truly thankful I found them. You will be too.”

-- J.M., West Palm Beach, FL

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